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File size: 3,20 Mb, 137 pages Full color , Fourth Edition A STEWART TRUSWELL Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition,University of Sydney, Australia. with contributions from PATRICK G WALL CIARA E O’REILLY the late CHRISTOPHER R PENNINGTON. NIGEL REYNOLDS. First published in 1986 by BMJ Books, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JR. Content :

1 Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease
2 Diet and blood pressure
3 Nutritional advice for some other chronic diseases
4 Nutrition for pregnancy
5 Infant feeding
6 Children and adolescents
7 Adults young and old
8 Malnutrition in developing countries
9 Other nutritional deficiencies in affluent communities
10 Vitamins and some minerals
11 Overweight and obesity
12 Measuring nutrition
13 Therapeutic diets
14 Food poisoning by Patrick G Wall, Ciara E O’Reilly
15 Food sensitivity
16 Processing food
17 Nutritional support by Nigel Reynolds, Christopher R Pennington
18 Some principles

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