Merupakan e-book berbahasa inggris terdiri atas 288 halaman. Disusun oleh:Rachel B. Needle, PsyD dan Lenore E. A. Walker, EdD, terbitan :Springer Publishing Company, NewYork. E-book ini berisikan mengenak panduan klinis tentang legalitas, psikologi, dan kompetensi Aborsi.

Introduction: Why We
Wrote This Book

Abortion rights activists don’t want to talk about the bad times—they need to stay upbeat to put up with the continued harassment. Psychotherapists rarely provide abortion counseling and do not really know what women face when they make this choice. Abortion protestors also have dwindled in number. We have only to look at the current U.S. policies to know that the real battles are being fought in the legislatures and executive branches of our government.

Who counsels the women who choose to get an abortion today? Before the choice is fi nally made, women usually turn to family, friends, and counselors who work at women’s centers where abortions are performed. Rarely do they turn to their psychotherapists to help them make the decision, even if they have one with whom they have been working for a long time. And, if they do, it becomes clear that most psychotherapists, even those who do support a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy, do not have the factual information about the procedure itself nor the theoretical framework for helping the woman to make a competent decision... (lebih lengkapnya silahkan klik download file(pdf) 1,4MB